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Client Quotes

Here's what some of our clients say..

"Exceptional customer service and quick response time are key components to any successful program; Extreme is second to none in this arena!”

“A unique blend of passion to serve their customer’s needs, determination to seek the best solution, insight to deliver the best product, and the willingness for collaboration of ideas and ideals which make Extreme the perfect strategic partner.”

"As a government official I have had the pleasure of working with Extreme from the establishment of their business here in Wakefield Township, through several upgrades and expansions and I have found Mike Zacharias, the owner, his management and the employees easy to work with, honest, forthright and energetic. Mike has gone out of his way to help out in the community and in the township donating funds towards many good causes in the community. He volunteers his time to serve on our economic development committee and has recently joined the Wakefield-Bessemer Rotary Club. Our Township Board is very pleased and grateful that he provides employment to area people and residents of our community."

"Working with Extreme has been as good an experience as one could have in the demanding and crazy world of injection molding. They are creative in the engineering end and have a great understanding of issues that will make a program a success. Their 'can do' attitude is visible throughout the organization, and in today’s business environment this makes some very complex programs run on time and in budget, at the end of the day this is what we strive for."

"I wanted to share this vendor's DFM review of a part we are sourcing tooling for. This is a good example of effort on a vendor’s behalf — that allows us to release accurate tool designs and help manage the risk of meeting the molding requirements. This level of detail, and visual examination they used with analysis tools is excellent."

"Great job by your team in supporting the recent activities. We are truly grateful."

"All projects have their challenge, but after we spent a day with you a few weeks ago to gain a better understanding of your teams' capability, we decided to award two high profile tools with Extreme, which presented quite a risk for us given the rigorous nature of the customer and the visibility of the job. I am happy to report that our expectations have been exceeded."

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team for their responsiveness on the tool modifications this week. Your quick turn-around allowed us to exceed our customer's expectations! The feedback from our client is very positive. Thanks for making these programs a priority."

"Mike, please pass along our thanks to your team!"

"Working with Extreme is like working with an old friend. They are reliable, honest and always have your best interest in mind. Tooling is top of the line, on-time and on-budget. The staff is knowledgeable and hard working and willing to help with any projects or concerns."

"Working with Extreme has been a very good experience. Tool quality, communication, responsiveness and adherence to schedule have all been outstanding. I especially appreciate your ability to do the metrology in-house; it has been a great time saving tool. I look forward to working with Extreme on future projects."

“Extreme is my first choice for a tool maker. They are a full service tool maker with global tool making capabilities offering top-notch tools and service. Extreme is always there when I need them.”

"Extreme, Thank you for the information, and thank you for your dedication to get us this early delivery. As I stated to Mike previously, this project is very important to me (and our company as a whole) so I appreciate the teamwork thus far. Having said that, these two cavities are both new designs, and the reality is that testing may show that I need to tweak one or both. I look forward to increased communication in the coming days and weeks while we all drive towards a winning design."

"I want to personally thank your team and call out Chris for doing a GREAT job! The dedication and the quality of the work from engineering all the way through to qualification is AWESOME! So a BIG thank you to you and the whole team."

"Words can’t come close to expressing our appreciation. We are amazed by your gift, and humbled at your trust in us to be a partner with you in this ministry to kids around the world. Thank you for your part in providing this tool. We’ll be diligent in running the tool, and assembling shoeboxes, and together we’ll serve Samaritan’s Purse as they ultimately distribute the gifts. I am continually amazed at how God orchestrates his work and allows people like us the privilege of being a part of his work. 
This side of heaven we’ll probably never know what impact all this might have. Our hope is that over time these jump ropes will reach hundreds of thousands of kids and become a part of the outreach that changes their lives forever. For you, my prayer is that someday you’ll  stand before the Father and receive a well done, good and faithful servant for this gift."

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