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999 Production Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 1-Toolmaking)
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Global Sourcing

pic_globalsourcing.jpgExtreme offers alternative tooling options for special requirements including delivery, point-of-origin, or cost. As a global service provider, Extreme can accomodate all your needs, domestically and abroad.
All molding solutions provided by Extreme, whether produced domestically or offshore, is managed and supported by Extreme, assuring you of top quality and value. This includes our design review and design for manufacture, component and material selection appropriate for the destination requirements, and the high quality manufacturing standards our customers demand.
Complete project supervison from concept to completion extends our impressive full-service capabilities around the globe. Turnkey projects with the latest, most sophistocated metrology capabilities, all supported by Extreme, delivers results you can count on.
Learn more and see our Asian facilities at http://www.cosmostooling.com.
q_left.gif Extreme is my first choice for a tool maker. They are a full service tool maker with global tool making capabilities offering top-notch tools and service. Extreme is always there when I need them. q_right.gif