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999 Production Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 1-Toolmaking)
703 Chippewa Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 2- Molding/QC)


At Extreme, we focus on plastic product development with the fastest possible lead times. Our typical delivery cycle for pre-production molds averages four-to-six weeks. These Pre-Production Molds enable us to satisfy proto and pre-production needs quickly, but more importantly, enable us to learn what you need to know, to enable you to make millions when you need to, without risk, and at the most competitive price possible. We often transition these same programs to full production/high cavitation tooling. The benefits of handling all program aspects with one company lead to both significant cost and lead-time advantages.

We seek to establish relationships with those we do business with. Our employees drive our culture at Extreme, and they’re the reason we are continually voted as one of the best places to work in the plastics industry. When our employees are happy, our customers our happy – it’s that simple.

Aside from the services mentioned above, we provide product design and computer-aided engineering (CAE) capabilities. End of Arm Tooling, Press Side Automation, and Inspection and Assembly Fixturing can all be designed, manufactured, validated, and debugged here at our facility in parallel with mold build, avoiding added time to your overall development cycle, and assuring your start-up success.

We recognize the need to provide products at competitive prices and employ continuous improvement initiatives. We seek opportunities to add value in non-traditional ways. We realize we provide a service, not a product, and we maintain several core beliefs:

  1. Ask customers what they need – don’t tell them what we will do for them. Grow with our customers, capacity and capability-wise.
  2. Do what we say we will do, on time, every time. Results versus excuses.
  3. “Pretty good” isn’t even close. Quality is a given and as our clients’ needs change, so must our processes.
  4. Look for ways to improve what we do, every day, and think outside the box as a matter of routine. Molds need to be manufactured faster and cheaper, every day, every year. Our mission is to find ways to do this without compromising quality or margins.
  5. Add value/services, every day, every year.
  6. Reinvest consistently in our people and equipment.
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