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Automation Development and Automation Cell as a Fully Integrated Solution

Providing best-in-class automation development and automation cell evolved out of necessity and happened quickly. Providing Turnkey Solutions has been a calling card for Extreme for a long time, and providing full automation development was a logical next step. We view automation as an essential service, and our expertise in mold manufacturing and processing provides us a unique perspective for automation cell engineering and development. We design and build automation tooling and robotics during tool build and validate the entire automation cell during molding validation. Once we install a turnkey cell at a customer site, we ensure that all of their technicians are trained properly by us.

Developing the automation needs in parallel with tool build and molding process versus evolving independently just saves time. Tooling and Automation need to work together, seamlessly, as an integrated solution. Why not challenge Extreme to provide both, as a turnkey solution?

In addition to taking great pride in providing highly-engineered solutions, we also take great pride in providing best overall value. “Keep it Simple” is our foundation to ensure we don’t make things more complicated (or expensive) than you really need. By providing flexible and agile solutions, our clients have the flexibility they need to cost justify automation at lower volumes than previously anticipated..

We view automation as “a component” in a fully integrated solution. Extreme designs, builds, manufactures and validates all of the following:

  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) for Install at Client Facility
  • 6-Axis Robot Turnkey Cell Development
  • Assembly, Packaging, Inspection, Automation
  • Secondary Operations Tooling/Part Laser Marking or Serializing
  • Post Molding Machining Fixtures
  • Test and Inspection Fixtures





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Automation - Extreme Tool and Engineering - IMG_1439_AUT2


Automation - Extreme Tool and Engineering - IMG_1450_AUT3


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