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999 Production Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 1-Toolmaking)
703 Chippewa Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 2- Molding/QC)

Expert Engineering with Maximum Results

meeting2.jpgOur dedicated and expert engineering team works diligently to design your product, while considering long term production and manufacturing concerns in conjunction with end-use requirements and specifications. Our creative, vibrant and skilled team members will get it right the first time and on-time.
It all starts with an open mind and positive attitude. Our company culture centers upon the fact that we are customer-driven and provide unparalleled responsive service. Our cross-sectional team has skills in mold design, manufacturing and product design, utilizing innovation and creativity. It’s our corporate recipe for Extreme success, and it is waiting to happen for you and your project.
We can tackle your project at any stage and complete the design to your satisfaction. We use 15 seats of Creo Parametric software for product and mold designs, as well as CNC and CMM programming. The parametric capability of this software enables parallel path development and manufacturing capability, without risk and fast. We use Moldex3D for advanced finite element, plastic flow analysis (CAE). View our success story on Moldex3D.
We operate two shifts in both our engineering and quality control operations, which helps us maintain our lead time advantage; a service few firms can offer.
q_left.gif Exceptional customer service and quick response time are key components to any successful program; Extreme Tool and Engineering is second to none in...q_right.gif