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Extreme Tooling

Extremely Complex, Ultra-Efficient, Ultra-Fast Cycle Times and Fast Delivery Define Extreme Tooling

Extremely complex, ultra-efficient, ultra-fast cycle times or fast delivery – we brand all these molds as
“Extreme Tooling.” If it was easy, everyone would do it and you wouldn’t need Extreme. The challenges presented in today’s aggressive plastics markets is the only reason you need to have Team Extreme in your corner. Our experience of building more than 2,000 molds since 1998 equips us with a solid background.


We offer highly engineered/vertically integrated solutions featuring:

  • Conformal Cooling
  • Performance Alloys
  • Servo Driven Mold Action
  • Ultra Complex/Actions, etc.
  • Servo/Plate Drive Valve Gate
  • High Cavitation (fully interchangeable)
  • Insert Molding Experts
  • 2-shot- Robotic, Rotary, Core Back, etc.
  • Stack Tooling

Extreme Tooling - Extreme Tool and Engineering - IMG_4592_ET1

Extreme Tooling - Extreme Tool and Engineering - IMG_7567_ET2