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999 Production Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 1-Toolmaking)
703 Chippewa Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 2- Molding/QC)

Expert Mold Manufacturing

pic_mold_manufacruting.jpgMold Manufacturing at Extreme, is after all, “WHAT we do”- One need only refer to Our ISO 9001-2008 Quality Policy to understand “our plan”.
Extreme’s Quality Policy is empowering and training skilled, dedicated employees using state of the art tools and technology to continuously improve our world class organization with an ultimate goal of zero defects, 100% client satisfaction and ISO 9001 compliance.
We continue to make significant investments in the best equipment money can buy, which allow us to tackle 1-2MM tooling programs successfully all under one roof.
  • CNC: Best in class machine tools from Yasda, Makino, Roders, Mazak, and Haas are used to provide accurate, repeatable results- Graphite machining cell includes 3R Robotics for true 24/7 machining capacity.
  • EDM/WEDM: (5) Sinkers from Mitsubishi sit adjacent to (3) Fanuc Wire EDM’s in this area- 3R Robotics in EDM cell are again used for true 24/7 manufacturing capability.
  • Polishing and Laser Welding: While many shops have outsourced all of their manual polishing needs, Extreme remains committed to a strong internal department who compliments our outside polishing specialists. We also have Rofin Laser Welder IN HOUSE, allowing us to repair or revise your molds quickly, accurately, and within our complete control.
  • Finishing: Our Toolmaking specialists use best in class grinding equipment from Mitsui and Okamoto to complete the most critical operations on our molds. These machines are built to hold tenth’s, and there is no room for accuracy degradation on the last steps of mold manufacturing.
  • Mold Quality Control: Extreme has made significant financial investments in the inspection area of our moldmaking division, with OGP machine present with touch, laser and vision capability all within one machine. Detailed inspection reports are provided for critical areas of all injection molds we build. Brown and Sharp CMM is used to inspect EVERY electrode we manufacture, BEFORE it is approved for use by our EDM dept.
q_left.gif All projects have their challenge, but after we spent a day with you a few weeks ago to gain a better understanding of your teams' capability, we decided to award two high profile tools with Extreme, which presented quite a risk for us given the rigorous nature ... q_right.gif