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999 Production Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 1-Toolmaking)
703 Chippewa Drive, Wakefield, MI 49968 (Plant 2- Molding/QC)

Quality Policy & Objectives:


Extreme's Quality Policy is empowering and training skilled, dedicated employees using state of the art tools and technology to continuously improve our world class organization with an ultimate goal of zero defects, 100% client satisfaction and ISO 9001 compliance.


  • To Continuously Improve the quality management system and maintain ISO 9001 Certification
  • To Continuously Improve the skills of our workforce by Maintaining Minimum Training Requirements and encouraging additional job training
  • To Encourage and Support a Goal of 100% Client Satisfaction by surveying clients regularly and measuring defect ratios.
q_left.gif I wanted to share this vendor's DFM review of a part we are sourcing tooling for. This is a good example of effort on a vendor’s behalf — that allows us to release accurate tool designs and help ... q_right.gif