Extreme Announces Alignment with Leading Mold Makers

Posted on 5-11-2018

Extreme is proud to partner with two leading mold makers Mold Craft and Westminster Tool, in the Plastics Technology Alliance. This joint venture offers great capacity with access to three state-of-the art facilities within a strong collaborative environment.

The Plastics Technology Alliance was formed to offer our clients a more diverse plastics manufacturing solution while providing a single, quoting source for new engineering, mold making and production opportunities. We are excited about the depth this joint venture offers us to provide world-class solutions, work on continuous improvement and increase capacity bandwidth. Many of our clients already work with one or more of us. Now, they have access to the best of each company through one single quoting source. We expect our clients will benefit from different perspectives, capacity, capability, innovation and total turnkey solutions.

The strong culture among the partners provides Extreme with access to best practices to grow and evolve. We can’t assume what we are doing today is good enough for the long run. The Plastics Technology Alliance offers our team a resource that gives them personal growth experiences outside our walls. Having real-world examples of strong culture on several different levels shows us what’s possible. While you can’t take a one company’s recipe and drop it in your organization, you can add some of the ingredients to enhance it. Our partners in the Plastics Technology Alliance share a common commitment to human growth.

When it comes to sourcing innovative mold design and build, automation development, and tight tolerations, we are excited to be part of a one-stop solution for engineering, mold making and production.

Explore www.PlasticsTechnologyAlliance.com or view the press release to learn more.